Meet Margaret Floyd Barry

Clinician / Author / Educator / Speaker

A believer in the healing power of food, Margaret helps individuals transform their health – and their life – through simple, sustainable shifts in their diet and lifestyle.

She’s spent decades advancing her skills as a Functional Nutrition practitioner, building multiple successful businesses as a health-focused entrepreneur, and educating some of the world’s most renowned clinicians.

And, if there is one thing she’s learned along the way, it’s this: Everybody has the birthright to thrive. And, with the right healing support, they can.


Margaret's Story

Having seen family members suffer the devastating effects of chronic illness from a young age, Margaret has long had the desire to help others find a better way back to optimal health and well-being. This is what initially led her to become a practitioner, writer, and real food advocate. And, it’s what keeps her motivated to help others restore their health and reclaim their life today.

She started her career in nutrition supporting 1:1 clients through her real food paradigm, which made healthy eating fun and easy. Seeing the level of success her clients experienced through this lens, Margaret wanted to make this simple, easy-to-understand approach more accessible to others which led to her first book, Eat Naked, which busts misconceptions around nutrition and empowers readers to adopt a whole-foods way of eating.

A year later, she followed up with a cookbook, The Naked Foods Cookbook, which she co-authored with her husband, Chef James Barry, to make healthy, delicious cooking accessible to even the most culinary-challenged.

As Margaret’s practice with clients deepened, she began working with more complex client cases – individuals who had seen dozens of practitioners, but were left with little hope or answers. It was through this experience that Margaret introduced a powerful system for restoring health by identifying and addressing the root cause of illness – the same system she used to reverse her own autoimmune condition.

Eventually, Margaret’s private practice grew to support clients throughout North America and Europe. Leading a team of three clinicians and a dedicated health coach, Margaret helped hundreds of individuals reverse chronic disease through the power of highly targeted dietary changes, test-informed supplement protocols, and lifestyle changes. She reached even more through her popular, science-based blog on eatnakedkitchen.com, which made her life-changing learnings available to the masses.

Today, Margaret remains committed to sharing proven approaches to healing chronic illness with those who need them the most.

In addition to speaking and leading groups around the world, Margaret teaches fellow practitioners the same proven system she uses to get her clients unparalleled results through Restorative Wellness Solutions – a two-year comprehensive functional nutrition certification program for qualified health professionals.

With over 1000 alumni in 20 countries around the world, Margaret and the Restorative Wellness Solutions team are actively working to change the way health is delivered.


Speaking & Teaching

Margaret’s superpower is simplifying the complex – a skill that’s critical to helping individuals understand and actually implement important lifestyle changes, and one that makes her a highly sought-after speaker and presenter. Whether it’s speaking on stage or connecting with individuals on podcasts, she’s passionate about sharing practical, science-backed strategies and clinically-proven tools for reversing even the most complex chronic health conditions.



    Food sensitivities are one of the most chronic and underestimated contributors to systemic inflammation and will exacerbate any health condition that involves inflammation (in other words: ALL health conditions!) You likely already know about the usual suspects – sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy. But, did you know that any food can be a source of inflammation in certain conditions? Margaret will unpack the different types of adverse reactions to food, how to determine what specific foods are driving inflammation for you, and how to resolve these food sensitivities once and for all.


    According to most western medical professionals, autoimmunity is a life-sentence. But with the right tools and approach, most autoimmune conditions can be dramatically improved and, in some cases, reversed. When the immune system is targeting self, we need to unpack what is stressing and chronically engaging that immune system to inspire it to “misfire”. In this talk, Margaret will explain the systematic approach she has used to help her clients reclaim their life from the clutches of autoimmunity to thriving in a way they never dreamed possible.


    Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is one of the most prevalent autoimmune diseases in North America, affecting anywhere from 4 to 10 times more women than men. Many women with Hashimoto’s struggle to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. A critical but often-overlooked aspect of healing is gut health. In this talk, Margaret will explain the interplay between autoimmune thyroid disease, fertility and gut health and explain the steps needed to create the best opportunity for conception.

If you would like to have Margaret speak at your event, summit, or podcast, Contact us here.


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